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Boeing CH-47

" Chinook "
The Boeing CH-47 - Simply Electrifying !

Electrifying !






Maintenance in the Army of the Millenium.



          Chinook Pilots are Awesome !



Chinook Pilots are Awesome !

             Chinook Pilots are Awesome - so say some AH-64 Apache Drivers. Click-N-Go Here to view the FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) video - or Right Click and select "Save As" to download the video to your computer for your edification and entertainment at a later date [Summer 2009, Runtime 05:03, 208 Mb].



          H-47 Chinook Photographs


          Click on an image below to see a larger Photograph.


          The U.S. Army Aviation Missile Command (AMCOM) and Customer Support. Boeing CH-47D with HICHS - Helicopter Internal Cargo Handling System. Chinooks and the Washington State Army Reserve. Alaska - The Last Frontier. 86-01654, A Flipper in Honduras. CW3 Busch prepares to conduct a test flight of 90-00182.
          Boeing CH-47D 90-00185 over Mt. Rainier, Washington. Slinging Trucks Guns A Go Go BV347 C5A Sunset at Landing Zone (LZ) Nightmare in South Korea circa 1997.
          Sunset Mainz-Finthen, circa 1945 - Last resting place of the 205th ASHC "Geronimos" Presidential Missions. Haulin around another gun. Slingin It Boeing CH-47D Chinook with EAPS - The Engine Air Particle Separator System.
          Desert Storm 6 CH-47D's brave the frigid cold (minus 15 F) at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. A Chinook over the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. 81-23383 as Bearcat 1. PAX Haul Historic Hangar 1 at Fort Wainwright, Alaska - January 2001.
          Boeing CH-47D Chinook 85-24353, main cabin area seat and litter arrangement. CH-47 waiting for a medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) mission. CH-47 transporting external cargo high above the clouds. Doing it in the Outback. Egyptian Chinooks. Boeing CH-47C Chinook 74-22280 - Fire and Ice in Alaska.
          He ain't heavy, he's my brother. A fellow warrior from across the big pond. Pit stop, three hooks find fuel in the Desert. Boeings CH-47D and the Army Aviation's Prime Mover prepares to transport a M198 Howitzer. A Boeing MH-47E up close. For Liberty.
          The Flying Frog. Chinooks getting fuel over Savannah. New Aft Pylon Removal Technique. With the Big Ships from WWII. The Boeing CH-47 working for NASA. The Boeing CH-47 working for the Royal Netherlands Air Force.
          The Price of Freedom. It's a rough Life, but somebody has got to get the Job done ! The Iranian Hookers, where did they all go? Check out the Taiwan Chinooks. Check out the Australian Chinooks. Check out the Sugar Bears under the Aurora Borealis. Check out the Japanese Chinooks.
          View the collection of unit patches. View our collection of photographs showing the two pre-production F Model Chinooks. View the collection of D Model Fielding posters. View the collection of Chinook Pinnacle Landings. View the collection of Unusual Loads transported by Chinook helicopter. View the structural drawings of the Chinook helicopter.
          View a CH-47C lifting the mockup of the HLH helicopter on it's way to the museum at Fort Rucker. View CH-47 Chinooks conducting shipboard operations around the Globe. View some photographs of the Trump Air BV234. View some nice photographs of unknown Chinooks from various locations around the Globe. View some nice photographs courtesy of CW5 Stan Graves, RET. View some photographs of Chinooks operating in Vietnam.



             We would love you to send in your CH-47 photographs and we would proudly display them on this site. We would prefer that you scan the images and then send them as un-retouched images in jpeg (.jpg) format and 16 million, 24 bit true color. We will do the retouching and place them on these pages. If you can, try to send in 8 x 10 images. Anything is acceptable, but the bigger the better. Please try to send in a little story behind the photographs.

   We assume that if you send in something to be placed on this site, you own or have permission to give it away. Even though this website holds no copyright on anything displayed on this site, the original owners might retain copyright. So check out the Terms of Use before you even consider using the material from this website for a commercial venture.

   Please note: We would prefer that the photographs you send have no watermark or any other writing on them, We won't post a photograph containing anybody's name, copyright, signature or watermark.

   Please, don't bother to ask - we will not reveal the sources of any of the information on this website.


             Please email your images to



             There are thousands more Chinook helicopter photographs, by tail number, in the history and nose art section of this website.





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          The CH-47 - 40 years old and still circling the world.


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